फेमबॉक्स दिलाएगा आपके हुनर को पहचान

Fame Box Media: A platform to showcase your Singing, Modeling, Instrumental and Dancing talent.

Fame Box Media

We are the first and one of its kind platforms in India, where we give chance to kids and young talent to showcase their Modelling, Instrument Playing, Dancing, Singing, and Acting Skills. As a brand, we incepted with an idea to promote passion that children and people who have talent and we take immense pride to launch kids who have what it takes to be a star. Our contests are easy to be a part of, where we give opportunities to parents to showcase their child. We make sure that we have amalgamated technology with personal touch to discover the fresh generation of models and performers, helping them to get attention and the honours they deserve. The winner of our contest is then exposed to the immense opportunities of modelling, ads, magazine cover shoots across the world.

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