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10-Year-Old Chef From Chennai Taking The Baking World By Storm

It’s not often you get a LinkedIn to invite from a 10-year-old pastry chef and entrepreneur. But with entrepreneurs getting younger by the day, it comes as no surprise. Her Facebook page reveals a number of FB Lives conducted recently, including one with Amul India that garnered over four lakh-plus views. She also featured on an FB live on actor Kamal Haasan’s FB page, Miam. There’s something about this child entrepreneur that’s intriguing and merits a phone call to know more about her story. On the call, Vinusha comes across as enthusiastic, confident, and raring to go. There’s no element of the “childishness” you’d associate with a 10-year-old. There’s no hesitation in her voice either, just a lot of passion for what she’s doing. The story began, Vinusha tells me, when she was nine years old. The student of Amrita Vidyalayam in Chennai wanted to bake a cake for her mother on her birthday. With the help of YouTube videos and a friend, she managed to bake one and surprise her mother. That’s when she realized she had a knack and wanted to take it further. Her parents were excited about her interest too.

Under Four Seasons Pastry, Vinusha bakes and sells cupcakes inspired by the four seasons. She explains, “While the base for the Four Seasons cupcakes remains the same, the cream and frosting are very different. They represent the four seasons. For winter, it comes with a snowflake made out of fondant, orange reflects summer, flowers herald spring, and scattered orange leaves depict autumn.”Launched in August 2019 from her own kitchen and made during her spare time, Vinusha has so far sold over 600 cupcakes. In between, she also managed an internship stint at a five-star hotel and café. That’s not all.Vinusha also tried her hand at two cake varieties – vanilla and black forest – in February and has sold 15 cakes so far. During this period spent at home, she also launched blondies, chicken/vegetarian sandwiches, and homemade chocolates. Most of the traction for the brand that translated into sales came from social media and participation in various exhibitions (before the lockdown). “TiE also helped me by introducing me to a lot of entrepreneurs who I took advice from,” she says.

In between her studies and baking, she also gets time to learn the intricacies of pastry baking from Chef Rumana Jaseel and learning traditional Indian recipes like Butter Chicken, Gobi Masala, and Paneer Butter Masala from her mother. When I ask her whether her entrepreneurial ambitions clash with academics, she is almost vociferous when she says, “I’m very good at studies. I make it a point to finish my homework quickly and go into the kitchen. I have no problem on this front.” Once she grows up, she wants to study at “any famous culinary institute either in France or Switzerland”.With an initial investment from her parents, Vinusha is already making profits from her business.“After the pandemic ends, I am looking forward to offering healthy versions of cupcakes. I’m also waiting to launch my e-commerce website,, which will feature all my creations,” says the little chef.

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