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3 best youtube channels for learning a new skill or strength

3 Best YouTube Channels for Learning a New Skill or Strength

1. ChrisFix: Learn to Fix Your Car

Most people who own a car aren’t expert mechanics. They might know how to check the fluids or change a tire, but can’t do most standard maintenance or specific work. This channel wants to help change that.

On ChrisFix, you’ll find plenty of videos on various types of car maintenance. This includes specific part replacements, tips for better cleaning, how to diagnose certain issues, and more. Chris has a straightforward style, meaning his videos are approachable even if you know nothing about cars.

2. JustinGuitar: Learn to Play Guitar

Learning an instrument is a great way to add a new facet to yourself. The guitar is a popular choice, and if you want to build a strong foundation, you should absolutely know about JustinGuitar.

This longtime favorite is perfect for the newcomer. The beginners’ course starts with the absolute basics, including questions like what guitar you should buy and how to hold a guitar. You’ll learn how to play basic chords and move onto scales and simple songs before you know it.

If you enjoy the videos, you’ll find even more content on the JustinGuitar website. It’s a great companion to using Rocksmith to learn guitar.

3. Learn to Start Programming

We’ve written much about how learning to program is beneficial. If you’re considering learning a programming language, you can learn a lot from this YouTube channel.

On freeCodeCamp, you’ll find full tutorials for many popular languages, including JavaScript and Python. Each one has a multi-hour full course that teaches complete beginners the basics. After that, you can walk through other examples to learn how to make games, work with website integrations, and more.

Of course, programming is a vast field with a lot to learn, so you’ll need to go beyond these videos if you want to become a professional programmer. Some people might find it easier to follow along with text lessons, but if you enjoy using the video format, this is an awesome way to start learning a desirable skill.

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