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4 Apps for Office-Goers Who Want a Fit and Healthy Work Lifestyle

Fix Posture (Web)

Fix Posture is a website that promises to tell you how to sit in the best and most ergonomic way at your desk. Once you grant it access to your webcam, the AI will determine if you’re making a mistake. Till you fix the mistake, the whole web page will look blurry.

The app looks out for common posture mistakes like if your body is leaning towards the screen or the screen is too far from eye level. If you keep the tab open, Fix Posture will send you an hourly reminder to check how you are sitting. It’s not perfect and foolproof, of course, but try it out. The minute you adjust yourself to unblur the text, you’ll feel like you are sitting with a better posture.

Move More

Several scientific studies have shown that sitting in one place for too long is harmful. Among other things, it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. But when you’re engaged in work, it slips your mind. A simple reminder app can fix that. Move More is a desktop software for all major operating systems that sit in the system tray quietly till you need a reminder to take a break. You can set the amount of time for that reminder manually, and the option of a sound alert. You also get a message with a reminder to do something healthy.


Office and work situations can often be stressful and make you feel anxious. To help you deal with them, Anxiety Canada has developed a free app that guides you through different mental troubles and doubles up as a mood tracker.

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can choose from a range of exercises in the Healthy Thinking and Taking Action sections. For example, coping cards give you reaffirming statements that tackle stressful thoughts like perfectionism, social anxiety, panic, and general worry. Belief experiments will make you predict the outcome going through your mind and check in later to see if it panned out.

Brogrammer (Web)

If you tend to get lost in your work, a shrill whistle is bound to snap you out of it. That whistle means your coach says it’s time to take a break, get up, and move. Brogrammer is a free web app that sends you these periodic reminders and suggests an exercise. At its core, you will get a reminder every hour to take a break and move around. It has a varied collection of exercises and you’re free to skip the suggestion till you find something you like. Then it’s time to do that exercise (shown as an instructional GIF) for the number of suggested reps or seconds. When you’re done, click “Stop exercise now” to get a reminder to drink some water. Finally, reset the clock when you’re back at work.

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