5 Effective Ways to Discipline Your Toddler

When it comes to parenting, there are no definite set of rules that you have to follow. Every child and parent is different and so is the parenting approach.

However, there are some things, in general, that must be practiced by all parents. One such thing is disciplining the child.

It is very important that you discipline your child right from an early age so that it becomes a part of your child’s personality as he grows.

The temper tantrums, stubbornness, anger issues and other behavioral traits a toddler comes with can make it a difficult task to discipline your toddler, but certainly not an impossible one.

The earlier you learn to discipline your toddler, the easier it becomes to manage the growing years.

Here are 5 effective ways you can use to discipline your toddler and make your life a bit stress-free:

  1. Be Clear with Your Rules – When you set your discipline rules, always be clear. The rules must be followed irrespective of the fact whether your toddler is at home or at a public place. If you allow certain behaviors at home, there are high chances of your toddler doing the same in the public too. Your toddler won’t understand what’s appropriate and what’s not. It’s your responsibility to form general rules of behavior that are followed uniformly at every place.
  2. Be Assertive with Your Instructions – Next thing is to be loud & clear with the instructions you give to your toddler. If your toddler has the habit of throwing things, when reprimanding him, be stern with your instructions. If you happen to be too casual with the instructions, your toddler might take things lightly too without sensing how serious you are about the whole situation.
  3. Always Stay Positive – When dealing with toddler tantrums or bad behavior, you will not just have to be patient but positive too. You should avoid venting out in front of your toddler or scolding him severely, this may make the child have a negative image of yours. And they might even stop listening to your instructions. It’s easier said than done but keeping your calm is very important when disciplining a child.
  4. Set a Good Example – There is no doubt about the fact that children learn from parents. Your toddler observes every act and behavior of yours, and most of the time he imitates you only. It is really important that you set a good example in front of your child. From the way you speak with others to your behavior, you must make sure that you are setting the right image before your toddler.
  5. Learn to Give Constructive Replies – If your toddler demands anything, don’t always turn down the request with a ‘No’. This can only trigger the tantrum. A better approach would be to reply with a constructive remark. For instance, if your toddler demands for playtime outside and you’ve any work to complete; you can always say that you’ll take him for sure as soon as the work is done.

The road to parenting is a tough one and at every step, you’re likely to encounter new learning. The only thing to keep in mind is to tackle things with an open mindset without falling for easy ways out.

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