नया सिखने से लेकर नए शहर में बसने तक आपके काम आएंगी ये वेबसाइट्स

5 incredibly useful websites


Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE) 

The National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE) operates Emergency and Disaster Information Service (EDIS) within the frame of his own web site which has the objective to monitor and document all the events on Earth which may cause disaster or emergency. The main objective is to manage information about events endangering the safety of our own country. Our service is using the speed and the data spectrum of the internet to gather information. We are monitoring and processing several foreign organization’s data to get quick and certified information. This data will be continuously published on our Internet web site.

We are screening the incoming information and storing in a central database sorted by category. After processing the information we are sending it immediately via E-Mail (or other format) for the organizations and persons who have requested it. We are aspiring that the processed data will be validated and reliable in all cases, to avoid the possible panic situation caused by unreal information.

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Mynoise , a website where serious audio engineering, creative sound design, and a scientific understanding of human hearing converge into unique online noise machines! If you’ve arrived here by chance, be ready for a treat. Our noise machines are extraordinary to experience, especially with your favorite set of headphones.

The idea behind myNoise is to use noises you enjoy most to mask the noises you don’t want to hear. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and doesn’t require expensive active noise cancelling headphones. myNoise further introduces the concept of frequency-shaped noises, focusing on the frequencies one wants to effectively block. This ensures a higher efficiency, and quieter masking levels.

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No Excuse List is the best place on the web to learn anything, free. We have curated the best resources on the web to teach you anything that you want.

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Mladen worked as a software engineer at Google (2007-2009) where he was developing internal applications. He also worked as a software engineer for Sungard (2010-2011) and as a project manager for Troxo (2011). He was a senior teaching assistant at University of Banja Luka (2004-2007). He obtained M.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Banja Luka in 2006 and B.Sc. Math from University of Belgrade in 2003. was launched in April 2009. The research and available data at are not influenced by any governmental organization. website is maintained by Numbeo doo incorporated in Serbia with business registration number 20853514.

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I have been teaching mathematics for over 8 years at the college/university level and tutoring for over 15 years.  Currently I teach part time at Austin Community College, but have also taught at Vanderbilt University (a top 20 ranked university) and at the University of Louisville.

Often times, people are nervous about getting help in math: don’t be!  I tell my students all the time that math is challenging for all of us at one point or another.  My intent is to provide clear and thorough explanations, and to present them in an environment in which the student is comfortable. Although I do not promise to make someone into an A+ student overnight, with regular help just about every student I have encountered makes significant improvements over time.  Think about learning math in the same way you would learn to play piano or learn another language: it takes time, patience, and LOTS of practice.

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