5 Tips to Engage Your Kids Effectively During the Lock-down Period

The whole world is fighting hard to win over the deadly pandemic, COVID-19. Ever since it started spreading and costing lives across the globe, various provisions were made to safeguard human life. One of the prime measures taken to ensure the safety of life was the lockdown, which in India got extended to a period of 21 days following the initial decision of locking down till March 31, thus zeroing it till April 14.

Needless to say, coping with the lockdown hasn’t been easy. While adults can still find out ways to keep themselves occupied during this period and stay home for safety; the daunting task is for the parents with school-going kids who find it hard to engage kids in lock-down.

Kids who usually spend nearly seven hours in the learning environment of schools are now confined in their homes.

Well, the times may be tough but if utilized the right way, even this can prove productive.  To help parents engage their kids during this lockdown period, we have got here some easy to practice tips. Have a look:

1. Form a routine – First and foremost; map out a routine for the kids to follow. Now that they don’t have to go to school, it doesn’t mean you should let them sleep till late or keep up late at night. Give them a daily schedule and ensure that it is followed without fail. Assign time for every activity that is to be done indoors; right from waking up to investing time in daily at-home exercises, learning as well as playing.

2. Take help from technology – Whether you like it or not, technology has now turned the major source of killing time for most people. You can also use technology to help your child get closer to learning during this period of social distancing. Get them to watch knowledgeable videos based on different subjects like science, geography, mathematics, and others. You can even make them watch moral stories, easy to understand documentaries and inspiring tales of success.

3. Teach a new skill – This is the perfect time to focus on a skill that you feel your child needs to learn. Considering the fact that you are the sole teacher available for now, try teaching skills like reading, effective communication, writing or language. You can take help from different online sites to assist your kids with the skill that needs some polishing.

4. Involve in easy-to-do chores – Another interesting thing you can do to engage kids in lock-down is involving them in household chores based on their age. You can teach them some easy to do things like folding their own clothes, arranging their toys, bookshelf or wardrobe. This way, your child will feel engaged and even learn some of the important skills. It is also a great way to spend some productive time with kids.

5. Nurture a creative hobby – If your child is fond of painting, reading, storytelling, story-writing, public speaking or for that matter even cooking; you can help nurture the hobby and spend some productive time. Along with being a great way to engage kids in lock-down, this will not just boost your child’s morale, it will even aid in strengthening your bond as a family.

At this hour, you need to step up as the perfect role model and mentor for your child, practice what you preach and let them understand the gravity of the situation. Keep the communication clear and don’t overexpose them to the news which might only cause panic and anxiety.

It’s time to be more sensible, aware, considerate, and take care of kids in the right way. Remember, this time shall pass and once it’s over, the efforts you put in today will make way for a brighter tomorrow.

Stay home, stay safe!