5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Business Account for Free

Instagram is changing, and it seems like it is more complicated than ever to grow your business on Instagram organically. You may be experiencing a huge drop in engagement and followers, which can be highly frustrating. But it is possible to grow an audience and a business using free Instagram strategies. The post briefs you on Instagram tips and techniques for organic customer generation. So, by the end of this post, you will be able to know how to grow your business on Instagram without buying followers using bots or sorting to any other shady practices.

Social media has evolved so much from the days of just keeping tabs on your friends. It also becomes an important business tool. So, Instagram is booming, and it is becoming one of the best channels to get leads organically if you play it right. Let’s get into these tips.

1. Build a Content Strategy:

So, what you are going to post and when you are posting. These two are the most important elements of any perfect Instagram strategy. So here we have some tips on how to create a content strategy that works. So, if you have ever stumbled on sound accounts that look great, even if you have not even opened any of the photos yet, that is what you call an excellent content theme.

So, you need to stick to a theme to make everything cohesive. This type of account looks clean and something you would want to browse. And it can either have a colour palette or well-thought-out and curated graphics that make it feel very cohesive like it is part of a brand. You can even use your brand colours and any other design elements to create templates for your post.

That way will make sure your content theme matches your brand, and you want to decide what type of content you are going to posting. It will take the daily pressure off deciding what to post because you have already planned it out.

Do you want to post photos, videos, and other images of your product in action testimonials from your customers or behind-the-scenes looks? And how you do, what you do, and what about regular feed post vs stories vs Instagram TV.

There are so many options out there, but it is recommended to develop three to five general types of posts that you can then sort of cycle between. That way, you will never be stuck for an idea, and your audience will come to look forward to the different type of posts you become known for.

2. Optimize Your Bio:

Your Instagram bio is what your audience will see first, and that is why it is important to create the most of it. The first and best thing you need to do is convert your Instagram profile to a business profile. You can do this easily by just going to your settings, and then you are good to go.

So, what exactly goes into an optimized Instagram bio, first? You need to choose a photo that speaks for your business. Branding is a key there, and it can be your logo as it is easy to read and adapted to that little round space dedicated to the profile photo.

If you are a business coach or a personal brand, somebody uses your name as your brand name. You need to use a great photo of yourself and keywords in your name or hashtags in your bio section. Then you will be able to drive people to your offer by putting your landing page link.

You need to choose the right business category in your bio, and you need to dress up your bio section a little bit rather than saying something and say how you are different from other businesses in your niche. The key is to get specific.

You need to tell the problem that you solve or the transformation you bring to the table. One perfect thing you can do is use emojis to your advantage because the characters you get for your bio section are not proper and long. So you need to make most of it with those emojis. They bring it to life a little bit more as well, and finally, you get one link.

There is one chance to send people back to your site and think of where you want to direct people to your home page for a specific offer or maybe a link tree, and they quickly lead people to a few of your best pages and recommendations. You will have options there, and you can also change them later to get something there as soon as possible.

3. Content Generated by Audience:

No need to create all the content one by one and we believe the best strategy involves using at least some content that comes from your audience. It can be anything from photos of them, enjoying your product or services, or could be a video testimonial anything like that.

It will create a credibility boost for a brand and acting as social proof of why other users have bought from you and liked what you had to offer them. You can then repost these on your account for your follower to see but the people doing that original posting. Your audience followers will see that post which increases your reach organically, getting more followers and paying customers and good clients.

But you cannot just pray and hope that this happens when you are a small business, and you have to offer incentives to run this strategy. It could be a freebie or special offer of some kind, or you can run a contest. In both the case, you want to give them something that they must do.

Never make them think of something, and do not tell them to make a post. You want to be specific about what you want them to post. Post photo using this hashtag and then tag us in the post to enter, and then the posted start to come in. Then you need to share them on your account.

4. IGTV Videos:

Instagram has been pushing. They are not a super newish long-form video platform, IGTV, which lets your post-YouTube-style videos that are up to an hour-long so that you can make any video. But the cool thing about IGTV is that it is on Instagram, meaning you can be more off-the-cuff.

You can be less polished with your video and other content because that is what they come to expect on Instagram. Try to think of a great piece of advice such as a behind-the-scenes, peek at something in your business, or even an event or special offer, pull out your phone and start shooting.

5. Instagram Live:

One of the great things that have happened to some social media platform is that you can go live. You can do live video streaming. It lets you engage with your current audience in real-time, which is a fantastic opportunity. The live video makes your brand more accurate, more relatable like a real human is behind the brand for any business.

One of the best things about doing live you can become or show yourself more famous. Example-:if you want to join anyone famous and want to show them that you have a good fan following, you can buy IG live viewers from some websites like and many more and get instant viewers for your stream and make yourself stand out. Even if you have a good number of followers, it is always better to have more viewers when you go live so that your existing audience will see that number.

Take Away:

Instagram is considered an excellent place for marketers. It’s not enough to just set your business account and post content. Instead, you should have a perfect strategy to grow your Instagram account.


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