6 Technology Trends That You Should Keep an Eye On

We are already halfway to reach the next decade. Without a shadow of a doubt, the next decade will also belong to the unprecedented rise of the new technology trends. This generation has already witnessed some major breakthroughs in space travel, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, and a significant increase in the proliferation of software into our daily life functions. Click here

And if we take a closer look at the technology trends of this decade, then we are likely to see some significant innovation growth next year and in the upcoming decade. Let’s discuss these technology trends in detail—


Automation is not something that has its own meaning. It ultimately means technologies like cloud computing, updated robotics, and big data. For the companies related to the tech domain, automation is the key for them to stay relevant and achieve in this competitive market.

Automating banking, automated manufacturing, and automation ultimately decrease human effort while maximizing profit potential. We can simply put that if we look towards the future of automation, we are met with endless possibilities. It makes our lives better, easier and will continue to be implemented at a greater pace than they currently are.


5G was in the hottest discussion this year CES 2019 and it will become a driving factor in wireless technology growth. And the significant increase in the number of smartphones will pave the way for the ubiquitous growth of 5G technology. But right now, to implement 5G across the world, companies need to bring high broadband speed with some reliable wireless technology.

The high data speed would allow easy implementation of driverless cars through access to the real data of the city. With the widespread network of 5G, everything will get faster, not just your phone.

As we look forward to the coming decade, expect wireless technology to accelerate its potential. Will there even be a need for wires anymore? 


AI will certainly play into the greater automation trend, but its advancements are enough to warrant its own discussion. This technology has been on the list of top technology trends for many years now and likely will continue to be the one.

It revolves around the theory that computers can also learn about the world in the exact same way that humans can, which means that through AI, along with an increase in computing power, computers will be able to perform human tasks at lightning speeds.

In modern-day research projects in the field of AI are allowing this technology to harness facial recognition, speak through voice technologies, and understand communications frequently. In the next decade, we will likely see some functions where AI will take over from humans completely.


When voice technology began to emerge in 2011 with the launch of Siri, nobody imagined that this technology would be at the forefront of emerging technologies. Currently, every 5 Americans have a smart speaker (Google Home, Amazon Echo). If we go by the reports, more than 100 million smartphone users will use voice assistants.

Brands like Apple, Amazon, and Google are at loggerheads for a competitive edge. And why is there so much competition thriving in this innovation? Since its inception, sectors like—Healthcare, Banking, and all the organizations are trying hard to integrate voice to interact with customers and meet their demands efficiently.

In simple words, it is a technology that allows users to perform a search on the internet through verbal means through a smart device like a smartphone or a computer.


It is the underlying technology of everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Well, we can’t say about the future of crypto but the blockchain is here to stay.

Currently, blockchain technology has only been implemented in some selected industries, but now it is gaining tracking and innovation to provide a secure underlying framework to many aspects of our digital lives.

In technical words specifically, blockchain is a technology that will allow technology to communicate securely, and verifiably, all the while doing a great job of preventing malicious acts during data transfer.


Today, analytics is playing a significant role in the growth and measurement of companies across the world. Not only can analytics tell you if you’re successful in your market, but they can help you predict the next move of the market.

Simplifying it in some worlds, it involves a significant amount of data processing to turn large chunks of raw data into something actionable and useful.

With cloud computing, IoT, and big data growing, data is getting bigger and complex as well. Analytics tools utilizing machine learning will be needed at a far greater extent than currently implemented to make sense of the data, identify issues, and even recommend action.

Putting succinctly, analytics stands in the position that AI and machine learning technologies will be particularly useful in. Analytics will be the perfect use case for many of the next decade’s emerging tech. For more info:

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