7 Effective Ways to Encourage Reading Habit in Kids

In the present era of TV, internet, smartphones, and gadgets; where kids have easy access to all modern equipment, reading seems to have taken a backseat.

The very idea of developing reading habits in kids is not given due importance. The imperative thing to consider here is that reading as an activity is very significant; not just for a child’s present-day education but also for the future.

Communication today is taking place digitally through emails or phone texts. Therefore, it is very essential that your child develops the ability to read for comprehension as well as for communicating effectively.

And the best way to encourage reading habits in kids is to start early. If you succeed in instilling the habit right at a young age, it will only enhance and strengthen as the child grows.

So, here we bring to you 7 effective ways to encourage reading habits in your kids. Have a look:

1. Read with your kids

The very step to take in this direction is reading with your kids. Before you develop reading habits in kids, you will have to first demonstrate your love for books. Don’t forget, children learn from examples. You have to be their role models when they see you reading books; they will also feel motivated to follow suit. So pick a book that you can read with your child together.

2. Set a reading time

Another important thing is practicing this habit on a daily basis. Just like any other habit, reading habit also needs to be practiced daily and consistently. Set a time when you can sit with your child and read a book. And follow it religiously; this will help in developing the reading habit in your child in a much stronger way.

3. Create a reading space

Surroundings matter and it’s absolutely true in the case of reading. You don’t have to create a fancy space for reading or have loads of books on the shelf. Assign an area in your house which you think is quiet and can be used for the reading space. Based on your creativity as well as time, you can deck it up and make it comfy enough for your child. Focus on creating a space that offers peace and the ideal environment to enjoy a book.

4. Read what interests your child

The next step to take in developing reading habit in kids is identifying the interest of your child. You may expose him to a wide genre of books but it will always be good to understand what genre your child likes the most. Reading books from an interesting genre works the best because it further helps in building strengthening the habit. Find out what your child loves to read the most and get similar kinds of books. And yes, do continue exploring new genres also because kids tend to change their interest with time and age.

5. Read the favorite books again

Re-reading your child’s favorite book always boosts his interest in the activity. Once your child has finished a book and you feel that he has liked it the most, do read it again after a few weeks. Reading it again will enhance his recalling skills and develop the thought process too.

6. Practice reading follow-ups

This is the best way to know how well your child has understood the book he read. For practice follow-ups, you can ask your child some questions related to the book and see how he responds. If your child is old enough to express his thoughts in words, you can even assign him with the task to write the summary of the book or do a character-sketch. Reward him based on his performance, this will encourage him further.

7. Make books the best gifts

Last but definitely not least, in order to make your child fall in love with reading; make books the best gifts. For birthdays or any special occasion, rather than gifting any gadget or toy, try gifting a good book. If possible, you can arrange reading dates at home where your child’s friends can come together and read or enact their favorite story.

Reading develops the overall personality of a child as it widens the thinking process and develops intellectual thinking. Early childhood is the best time to instill the reading habits in kids, and if you can make the most of this time; you will never have to worry.

Try using these tips and practice healthy reading environment at home!