7 Health Tips Every Student Should Follow When Studying Online

Online education has been in existence for quite a while; however, its relevance saw a great surge in the present scenario, where the world is facing threat from COVID-19. For many students, online education has now become the preferred choice of learning.

Renowned educational institutes, schools, coaching institutes etc. have also introduced online learning complemented with advanced technology.

While everyone is making efforts to make online learning as advantageous as possible, students who are studying online should also take care of a few vital things to ensure digital wellness.

Along with online learning, it is also crucial that you take complete care of your health which will further help in managing online studies with ease and comfort.

Here are some health tips that every student should stick to when studying online. These tips are directed at digital well-being so that your mind and body stay sound & healthy.

1. Comfortable study space: You need to be a little cautious while choosing the study space for online learning. choose a room that is well-ventilated and full of natural light, if possible. This will keep your mind fresh and you’ll be able to focus on the studies with full concentration. A well-ventilated room ensures that the circulation of fresh air thus allowing your mind to stay active.

2. Follow a well-planned schedule & stick to it: Most of the online courses come with a properly planned schedule. While you have the liberty of studying at your pace & comfort, it is advisable to follow the planned routine, or design a one that best fits your learning needs. And once you have the schedule by your side, do stick to it. This will help you in adjusting your body clock and get the maximum benefit out of the online classes.

3. Keep your body hydrated: Along with a proper sitting space and schedule; taking care of body’s fluid intake is also vital. When engaged in online learning, you might forget to have water at regular intervals, which is a wrong habit to follow. A well-hydrated body lets your mind stay fresh for longer period of time which calls for increased attention span. So, make it a habit to drink enough water throughout the day; you may even set reminder for drinking water.

4. Eat healthy foods: If your mind and body are not in the perfect sync, you will not be able to focus on anything wholeheartedly. Your concentration will always get distracted. To bring the sync, it is imperative that you take proper care of nourishment. Eat heathy foods and stay away from junk. Eating freshly prepared, homemade meals will not just provide your body with the needed nutrients but will also keep your mind happy and relaxed.

5. Take care of sleep: Quality sleep has a major role to play in your mental health, concentration power and energy levels. To make the most of your online learning, give your body a healthy sleep of at least 8 hours. Form a bed-time routine so that you may get up early and kick start your day with energy. Adequate sleep boosts the brain functioning and promotes mental health.

6. Reach out to friends: Studying online doesn’t meant you have to cut off from everyone. You should reach out to your friends, near & dear ones every now and then. This will lift up your spirits and rejuvenate your mind. As long as you stick to your study schedule, a little social time won’t cause any harm.

7. Allot time to daily exercise: Last but not the least, everyday exercise is a must for the healthy functioning of your mind and body. When planning your daily schedule, keep at least 30 minutes aside where you can do some exercise. This could be any physical activity which you enjoy. Practicing breathing exercises, meditation etc. are also good for improving concentration and keeping the mind active.

Takeaway: Digital well-being is very important when you are spending a lot of time in front of computer, laptop or on your smartphone. And with online learning, your screen time increases. However, if you take care of the above-mentioned points, online learning will not only prove beneficial in terms of studies but it will also be health friendly. So, be disciplined and follow the healthy practices to enjoy uninterrupted learning while reaping maximum benefits.