7 Useful Time Management Tips for Students During Lockdown

The role of time management for a student stands highly imperative; it’s the key to achieving goals and targets in the right frame of time. Whether you study as a regular classroom student or an online student, managing time effectively has its own share of perks.

However, given the current situation where most students are turning to the online platforms; learning to manage time for this mode of study has become the dire need. This is primarily because, in classroom learning mode, you follow a specific schedule and format that’s governed by time. In the case of online learning, it’s you who needs to take charge and manage your time effectively to reach your target.

Making the right use of time when studying from home needs you to be highly disciplined and focus.

Failing to abide by time management rules can cause a delay in achieving goals, or make you lag behind in studies. Either way, you can see that its end results are not good for your future growth.

So if you are new to online learning or have been making use of both offline and online modes, it’s time to focus more on managing time efficiently. Lockdown shouldn’t be an excuse for you to fail in fulfilling your aspiration.

Tackle the problem by learning the right ways of effective time management. Have a look:

1. Stay Persistent & Avoid Procrastinating: When you study from home, it is quite normal to think of postponing things. But you never realize when these things turn into a pile from where you find absolutely no escape. Therefore, the first rule you must follow religiously when studying online is to stay persistent. Avoid procrastinating; finish the tasks of a day within a specific time so that there is no baggage for the next day. The more consistency you show towards studying, the better will be the outcome.

2. Plan a Proper Study Schedule: Planning makes for a great way to do things without leaving anything behind or keeping it for some other day. Prepare a thorough study plan and make it a point to follow it without fail. When you plan a schedule, make sure you include all your subjects strategically. Keep notes of topics that you cover on a daily basis; also check the things you did as per the schedule. This will ensure that nothing from the plan is left out. Even a proper study space will work wonders along with a well-planned time-table.

3. Set Realistic Targets: It is good to have set targets as they motivate you to put in your best efforts. But having realistic targets is equally important to keep up the motivation and excel in time management. Don’t try to finish up everything at one go. Take is slowly, make a list of topics that you feel are more important, and set a goal to learn them first. Once you have achieved this goal, you can move on to the next. This way you will not feel exhausted and the joy of being able to achieve the goal will keep your spirits high. If you want, setting daily goals can be a better way.

4. Avoid Multitasking: As mentioned in point 3, don’t focus on doing many things at one go. Focus on one subject at a time. Understand its concepts first, clear the doubts taking help from your teachers, and then once you are perfectly through with the topic, you can concentrate on next. It will make it easier for you to cover all subjects and topics and understand the concepts clearly.

5. Keep Distractions Away: When you study online, it is apparent that you get exposed to the wide world of the internet. You have your smartphone buzzing with constant notifications, calls from friends, and the plethora of websites available on the web. These are enough to rob you of your precious time, which will further create problems for your studies. So, it is important that you keep these distractions at bay. When you study, turn off the notifications, activate DND or switch to silent mode; learn with complete focus and if possible, prepare notes so that when you do a revision, you can do it without the help from internet.

6. Take Scheduled Breaks: If you recall, at the beginning of this article, we told you how classroom learning gives you the luxury of organized time schedules; here everything takes place within a specific time frame. Even your breaks are part of it. However, with online learning, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make room for scheduled breaks throughout a day. It’s a great way of proper time management.

Studying for long hours requires too much sitting in front of the PC or smartphone, which can be damaging for your health. To save yourself from exhaustion, take time-bound breaks, relax for a bit, do somebody stretching and resume. Following this routine will help you stay more focused and motivated.

7. Get Good Sleep: Last but definitely not the least, take care of your sleep. In order for your body to work properly, a good night’s sleep is very essential. Sleeping for an adequate time also ensures that you wake up fresh and follow your daily schedule rightly. This prevents any wastage of time and all your work is done efficiently.

Learning online requires you to take complete control of your studies; use your time wisely so that you head in the right direction of achieving your goals. If you get stuck at any concept, don’t waste too much time thinking over. Seek timely help from your teachers and get going with your plans. As long as you study online, make sure you follow these tips and manage your time rightly.