7 Useful Ways to Teach Kids Self-Discipline

When it comes to disciplining kids, most parents tend to be on a controlling spree. They don’t realize that disciplining children is not about controlling but showing kids the right way of controlling themselves.

Self-disciplined kids happen to be better trained for facing the different challenges of life, managing their personal and professional life with ease as adults, and making good decisions in life on their own.

Self-discipline makes a child choose better options no matter how they feel or what situations they experience in life. They have better control over their impulse which further helps them in making sound decisions and being more responsible. Also, self-discipline makes them open to feedback which they take constructively and work to improve their personalities.

Kids should be encouraged to learn self-discipline skills through which they are able to control their emotions, both negative & positive, their thoughts, actions, and behavior.

And as it is a trait that parents need to instill in kids right from a young age, here are some easy ways of doing so.

1. Make Clear Rules: To begin with, discipline in life comes when rules are laid and followed ardently. The same is the case with kids also. You hold the power of deciding the rules you want to set for your kids while keeping in mind the impact these rules will have on shaping their personality. Set discipline rules and explain them to kids.

2. Follow Routine: Routines helps kids in staying organized. A properly structured routine teaches them to be self-reliant and better with time management too. Right from studies to playtime, it would be great to have your kids follow a thoroughly designed routine. It is a great step to raise self-disciplined kids.

3. Take One Step at a Time: Self-discipline can’t be learned or taught overnight. It is a gradual process and sets its course in time. When teaching this skill to your kids, you must remember this and take one step at a time. Don’t rush or adopt strict measures to make the kid follow any routine on his own. Kids will need your help in the form of gentle reminders and assistance. Let them absorb it slowly.

4. Praise Good Behavior: Acknowledgment goes a long way in shaping up your child’s mindset. If you praise the good behavior your child exhibits, he will be motivated to replicate it every time. Never shy away from praising your child’s good behavior. In fact, you should reward it in a positive way by taking them to any kids’ movie or buying them a constructive gift. This method goes a long way toward raising self-disciplined kids.

5. Set Consequences: While you reward good behavior, reprimanding them for bad behavior is also important. It doesn’t mean you have to adopt any physical means. Your kids must know the probable consequences they might face if their behavior is not as expected. As part of self-disciplining, set punishments where they have to do any simple constructive task.

6. Model Similar Behavior: Kids learn from you so if you want them to be self-disciplined, model similar behavior. When they see you taking responsibility, doing things on time, and managing everything in an organized way; they will also feel inspired to do the same.

7. Monitor Constructively: As you take on this self-discipline journey with your kids, you have to ensure that you monitor them constantly without getting in their path. While you have to set them free to adapt to this skill, do ensure that you will be around to guide and support whenever they stumble. Let them also know that failing is a part of life and while learning to self-discipline themselves, making mistakes is quite normal.

Follow these simple yet effective ways to raise self-disciplined kids who will grow to become responsible adults.