मां समझे, जीत या हार का प्रश्न नहीं है परीक्षा

A mom who says marks are just numbers : Vandana Sufia Katoch

“The rainbow is made up of seven colors, but we have decided to applaud the only violet,” said Vandana Katoch, whose post on her son scoring 60% in CBSE Class X exams went viral on social media. On Monday, after the CBSE results were announced Vandana gave her son Aamer a big hug and congratulate him. Disappointed with his performance, 15-year-old Aamer, said: “There is nothing to congratulate me.”Vandana said she helped him understand that he does not have to compare himself with other children. “Remember where you were and where you are now because of your hard work.  He perked up and we celebrated,” Vandana told this newspaper.

“I feel that there is another end to this spectrum. There are so many children whose confidence is crushed because the spotlight is always on one side,” said Vandana. Aamer’s performance in previous exams had been poor but in mid-January, he decided that there is no way he could repeat a year. “We had limited time but in those six to eight weeks he fought really hard. We decided to drop chapters because it was unrealistic to finish the entire syllabus. So we focused on the ones he is good at. Rather than giving up, he kept pushing himself,” the 45-year-old mother said, adding that she coached him during the day while his tutors took tests in the evening. Aamer, a voracious reader and a student of Vasant Valley School, has opted for psychology, history, political science and sociology in Class 11.

(Text Source: newindianexpress)

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