ALLEN Smart Learning: About Civilian Award BHARAT RATNA, Episode-02

About Civilian Award Bharat Ratna, Episode- 02

In the previous episode we learned about Civilian Awards, the different types of Civilian Awards; and also got to know about various facts related to Bharat Ratna- the Highest Civilian Award. In today’s episode, we will be learning more facts about Bharat Ratna. Questions related to Bharat Ratna are asked in various competitive exams which is why it is important that you know & understand all the facts about Bharat Ratna. In this video, you’ll learn about the recipients of Bharat Ratna since its inception in 1954.

These facts include recipients of Bharat Ratna who were:

1. The First to win this award

2. First from Sports

3. Naturalised Indians

4. Only Foreign citizens to win this award

5. Awarded with Bharat Ratna posthumously

6. Only Prime Ministers to win this award


Watch the video carefully to gather some vital information related to Bharat Ratna and its recipients.