Source: The Hindu (29-Aug-2018)

Amit Samarth, the 1st Asian to complete the Trans Siberian Extreme Race

Dr Amit Samarth will be racing at Trans Siberian Extreme. He is the First Indian to race Race Across America (5000 kms) in first attempt in 11 days 21 hrs 11 mins.

Trans Siberian Extreme is Worlds’s Longest Bicycle Stage Race held in Russia. The total distance for the race is 9100 kms, to be done in 15 stages over a period of 25 days. No Indian has ever participated in Trans Siberian Extreme Race.

To race successfully at Trans Siberian Extreme, Amit Samarth needs to raise Rs 10,00,000 to meet the race expenses. Amit Samarth is an accomplished Endurance Athlete.

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