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Anna University's Short Film Festival, AAKKAM 2018

FICTION ( THEME CATEGORIES): Corruption Free India, Save Water, Mind Your Health, Love For Environment

(OPEN CATEGORY): Commercial

Registration deadline January 23, 2018
Registration fee: Rs.300/-
Preview format: Mp4
-Uploaded file


1) Films completed after: May 2017
2) Maximum duration: 14 minutes
3) Country of production: India
4) Screening format: MP4/Mov
5) Accepted genres: Fiction

The short films are expected to be subtitled in English if the dialogues are in Tamil, Hindi or any
other National Language. Otherwise, their participation will not be considered.

AAKAM National Short Film Festival will be held in February 2018 at Anna University.
There are Five (3) COMPETITION SECTIONS to participate in:
a) Best Short Film (Commercial) – (Best 3)
b) Best Short Film (Theme) – (Best 3)
c) Best Music Video (Theme) – (Best 3)

Requirements for Participation:
• Natural or legal entities of any nationality can participate
• The number of short films that you can enter into competition is limited to two short
films per director
• Only short films that have not been previously exhibited in other National film festival
will be accepted
• The film cannot be a reduced or extended version of another short film made previously for
this festival.
• Only short films with completion date after May, 2017 can compete

The AAKAM National Short Film Festival will award honorable mentions if the jury deems so. The
prizes are personal and not transferable. The AAKAM National Short Film Festival organization
can deem some categories as deserted if the call does not meet a minimal participation.
Participating short films in the OFFICIAL COMPETITION SECTION will compete for the following
prizes depending on their characteristics:

a) Best Short Film (Commercial)(Best 3)50,000/,30,000/,20000
b) Best Short Film (Theme)(Best 3) 50,000/,30,000/,20000
c) Best Music Video (Only Theme based)(Best 3) – 20,000/,15,000/,10,000/

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