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Apps to Help You Stay Focused at Work

Engross: Improve focus

All the essentials you need for a productivity day are in it! It is a therapy for low focus and bad time management.
Engross helps you stay focused at work/studies and improve efficiency
Engross uses a unique ‘Hit me when you are distracted’ method which ensures that you remain focused on the task you are on. It is simple to use and gives you results right away, it triggers you to get your focus back at work.
It records the number of times you get distracted during work or study and that becomes a measure of your focus. Your challenge in the next sessions will be to reduce the count and improve your focus.

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Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do combines Pomodoro Timer with Task Management, it is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done. It brings Pomodoro Technique and To-Do List into one place, you can capture and organize tasks into your to-do lists, start focus timer and focus on work & study, set reminders for important tasks and errands, check the time spent at work. It’s the ultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendar events, Grocery lists, checklist, helping you focus on work & study and tracking your working hours.

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Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus is a time-management application helping you getting things done! Based on technique like Pomodoro or 52/17, but you can adjust the session duration to fit your needs.
How To
• Start a work session
• At the end of the work, session reward yourself with a break
• At the end of the break, session restart both previous steps
Note: x amount of break you can reward yourself with a longer break.
• Track your time by task
• Configure different settings per task
• Group task by categories

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