Bhuvan: Students can explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the Earth

Bhuvan: Students can explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the Earth

Bhuvan, (lit: Earth), is a web mapping service which allows users to explore a 2D/3D representation of the surface of the Earth. The browser is specifically tailored to view India, offering the highest resolution in this region and providing content in four local languages. A beta version was launched on 12 August 2009.

[ISRO] launched the beta version of its web-based GIS tool, Bhuvan, on August 12, 2009. Bhuvan offers detailed imagery of Indian locations compared to other Virtual Globe Software, with spatial resolutions ranging up to 1 metre. At present 177 cities High resolution datasets are available, while the other part of the country is covered by 2.5m resolution imagery. Locations will be viewable from different perspectives, and the software will also provide functionality for the measurement of distances and other geoprocessing capabilities. The Bhuvan portal is designed to run on slow Internet connections. The images available do not include any military installations in India, due to security concerns.

The National Remote Sensing Agency played an important role in the development of this product. ISRO has used data provided by satellites including Resourcesat-1, Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2 to get the best possible imagery of India.

Bhuvan-2D is developed using open-source software Geospatial solutions (UMN Mapserver, Geoserver, OpenLayers).2D images are available on all mobile browsers, including Apple’s iOS. All other Bhuvan applications and services are developed by taking Bhuvan-2D as a base. Bhuvan also provides facility to view satellite imagery in 3-Dimensional format. Earlier Bhuvan-3D was based on a product of Skyline Software Systems. On the 5th Anniversary of Bhuvan on 12 August 2014 Bhuvan has released an Open-source tool (Cesium : webGL Javascript Library) based Virtual Globe. This 3D tool is platform independent and Plug-in free. Bhuvan also provides an Android-based application for field data collection.

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