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Bio-waste gasifier that works out cheaper than grid power

Innovators are scientists looking for the best possible solutions. And innovators usually don’t need laboratories – they are risk-takers who experiment with whatever resources they have in their immediate environment. One such innovator is Raj Singh Dahiya who has developed an efficient biomass gasifier that ensures smooth operation of any engine at a low operational cost. Biomass gasifiers basically convert woody biomass, agricultural wastes like rice husk, coconut waste, etc. into a combustible gas which can be burnt like conventional gaseous fuel for thermal applications, or fed into diesel and gasoline engines. The unit consists of a gasifier, which generates producer gas (from biowaste) which is used to run diesel engines. The biomass-based gasifier can process about 20 kilograms of bio-waste to run an engine of 30 HP for one hour. The furnace of the gasifier can be built according to various specifications as per the availability of residual biomass and agricultural residue. Even after including all the operational costs fuel, machinery and casual the cost per unit of power is still substantially lower than the electricity we receive from power grids.

This Biomass gasifier can be used for operating pumps in remote rural areas, lift water, operate sawmills, flour mills, and for generating electricity. The fuel consumption of this biomass gasifier is reported to be 1kg/KVA, which is approximately 30-40% less than other available designs. The Price range varies from Rs. 1,25,000 for 10KW unit to Rs. 3,25,000 for 35KW unit.  Raj Singh Dahiya was initially supported by the Micro Venture Innovation Fund of the National Innovation Foundation.

Communities/entrepreneurs who wish to utilize these grassroots innovations can get in touch with the National Innovation Foundation. NIF will mediate the technology transfer between innovators and communities/companies following a fair and just benefit-sharing system guided by the prior-informed consent of the knowledge providers.

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