ALLEN Smart Learning: Blood Relation Reasoning Tips and Tricks : Episode 01

Blood Relation Reasoning Tricks:

If you are preparing for the IBPS, UPSC, and SSC exams, we sure you must be familiar with question types based on blood relations. For instance, a question like, A man states, “She is the sister-in-law of the only daughter of my mother-in-law’s husband”, can you guess what relation she has to the man”?

To solve such questions that are related to blood relations, you need to understand 3 basic points:

1. Generation Gap

2. Codes

3. Family Tree

This video will guide you through the various points in detail and help you identify the ways through which you can solve the blood-relation questions asked in the different competitive exams.

Also, the answer to the question above is given at the video’s end. So, watch the complete video to understand the concept better.