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Calcutta University BA LLB 2018

Calcutta University

The Court of Directors of the East India Company sent a dispatch in July 1854 to the Governor-General of India in Council, suggesting the establishment of the Universities of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay.

In pursuance of that dispatch, the University of Calcutta was founded on JANUARY 24, 1857.

The University adopted in the first instance, the pattern of the University of London and gradually introduced modifications in its constitution.


Department of Law

The Faculty of Law/ Department of Law, University of Calcutta is situated at 51/1, Hazra Road, Kolkata-700019. The Faculty/Department has six affiliated Law Colleges imparting 5 Years B. A. LL. B. Course. The Department including two other affiliated Law Colleges (Jogesh Chandra Chaudhury Law College and South Calcutta Law College) also imparts B. A. LL. B (Honours) Course. Besides, the Department imparts 2 Years LL. M. Course as well as Ph. D. Programme. The Department also provides Post-Doctoral research (LL.D.) facilities in appropriate cases. The Department of Law, University of Calcutta is in present position since 1983.

After the passing of the Universities Act of 1904, Asutosh Mookerjee, it is said, was persuaded by Curzon to believe that the Vice-Chancellorship of Calcutta University would come to him after Pedler if he accepted a seat on the Bench of the High Court at Calcutta. In March 1904, Asutosh Mookerjee was appointed a Judge of the High Court at Calcutta. He retained his seat on it for twenty years and retired on January 2, 1924. For some time he acted as the Chief Justice of that Court.

Wood’s Education Despatch of 1854 explicitly stated “that it would be advisable to establish in connection with the Universities, Professorships in various branches of learning” for acquisition of which facilities then did not exist and added that “the most important of those branches was law.” This, Asutosh stated before a meeting of the Senate on July 24, 1908, was the position in 1854. For more than half a century the idea of establishing the study of law was in existence. On a scientific basis was only a dream. The University of Calcutta was founded in 1857; twenty­ two years before, in 1835, the Calcutta Medical College had been born. The Civil Engineering College was born in 1856.


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