15 की उम्र से कारोबार में आए, 5000 करोड़ रुपए का साम्राज्य खड़ा किया और हिंदी अख़बार को देश का सिरमौर बनाया

Chairman of Dainik Bhaskar group Ramesh Chandra Agarwal

Ramesh Chandra Agarwal was a media proprietor and founder-chairman of the Dainik Bhaskar group of newspapers that has a presence in 14 states of India with 62 editions and has an estimated readership of over 15 million. He started the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper at Bhopal in 1958. In 1983 he launched the Indore edition and in 1996 it was produced in Rajasthan. He was on the board of D.B. Corp Limited from its inception.

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