Chemistry resources for teachers and students – Learn Chemistry

Chemistry resources for teachers and students - Learn Chemistry

Learn Chemistry is an educational resources and teacher support publishing programme.
Our activities support educators of Primary, Secondary and Higher Education students. We offer
resources in various forms including downloadable documents, videos, audio content, interactives and
simulations, and ebooks.
Whether you’re teaching outside of your specialism or are a full-time chemistry teacher, our resources
support you to teach chemistry well and with confidence. When using our resources, you can be sure of
the scientific and pedagogical content, thanks to our quality assurance process. We also provide
practical guidance to help you get the most out of our resources and to use them effectively.
Our Education department’s goals are to improve teacher confidence and support a smooth transition
between teaching stages. We will support the provision of an enriched chemistry curriculum, which
means both the fundamentals of any curriculum and the additional value that real-world examples and
careers information can provide.

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