रिटायरमेंट के छह साल बाद भी जारी है ड्यूटी

Cop's dedication earns him place in force even after retirement

It’s a thankless job! The phrase is often used by the security force personnel, especially the police, who complain that no matter how well they maintain the law and order situation in an area, even one small misstep can become a cardinal sin for them.

In this world of cynics, however, there are some who become an epitome of selfless service and professionalism, such as Baljeet Singh Rana. The dedication of the 65-year-old, who did not take a single day off from 1998 till his retirement in August, 2012, can be judged from the fact that even afterwards, serving the public remained his top priority. So much so that Rana was called back and reinstated in the force after his retirement. He was inducted in the Delhi Police as a Constable in 1972. Since then, he has been posted in the deployment branch of the New Delhi district, which witnesses protests and dharnas from all sections of society almost everyday.

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