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Copy Bubble app

Copy Bubble

Copy Bubble is an app that allows you to copy tons of different text fragments to a clipboard that is always visible and accessible with just one tap.
Copy Bubble is very easy-to-use. Once you have installed it, the bubble will ‘float’ on the screen and you can move it just by dragging it around the screen. From that moment on, once you copy a URL or a text fragment, it will go directly to the bubble.
When you tap on the ‘bubble’ for Copy Bubble, you can access the information inside of it, and you will find all of your text fragments conveniently stored so that you can copy and paste them just by clicking on them.

Copy Bubble is a useful tool for anyone who often works with texts in Android, as it allows you to access a clipboard that is much more useful than the clipboard that comes with the operating system by default.

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