Source: Dainik Bhaskar- Bhaskar Lakshya (08-Jan-2018)

CosmoLearning:A free educational website for students and teachers

Collecting the top educational videos on the web, generously offered by hundreds of universities, educators, and professionals, we share their passion for teaching by providing a platform for world-class education free of charge. CosmoLearning project offers a platform dedicated to all these individuals to post their materials for free. Always crediting the original educators and institutions, we encourage users to show their gratitude and donate directly to the original creators. We strive to make CosmoLearning the best place for educators to display their contributions to education, helping them to reach millions of students from around the world.

We believe anyone in the world is entitled to a free education of the highest quality. With the increasing availability of thousands of free video lectures by the world’s top scholars and independent contributors, we chose to devote our time and energy to share as much free educational content available on the Web as possible, bringing to our users a friendly and intuitive environment for learning. At the same time, we will fully promote and give credit to the original producers and institutions, making use only of their material already available under public domain.

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