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CTL Post-Doctoral Fellow at IIM Ahmedabad

Image Source: Me Next Magazine-Rajasthan Patrika (15-Oct-2022)

CTL Post-Doctoral Fellow at IIM Ahmedabad: 

Applications are invited for CTL Post-Doctoral Fellow at IIM Ahmedabad for the year 2022.The CTL seeks applications at the Post-Doctoral Fellow level, to conduct research in the areas of transportation and logistics. This position is contractual, initially for a one-year term, with provision for renewal up to two years depending on performance.

Eligibility Criteria:

Required qualifications: Ph.D. from a reputed Institute or University in India or abroad, specializing in transportation and/or logistics (defined broadly). The dissertation/thesis must be on a topic/theme related to transportation/logistics.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals are preferred. Candidates who have defended their dissertation are also eligible to apply. However, such candidates need to submit proof of defence at the time of application, and the PhD degree certificate at the time of joining the institute.


The Post-Doctoral Fellow at CTL would be paid a consolidated pay plus other benefits as per the rules of the Institute. Fellows are eligible for office space and desktop computer. However, the Institute would not provide accommodation.

Application deadline:

November 15, 2022

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