Source: Rajasthan Patrika

Defying all odds, auto rickshaw driver's son scored well in class XIIth board, now preparing to become an engineer

Pradeep, a teenager from Kota, who has scored 89 percent in class 12, state board examination and has got enrolled with ALLEN Career Institute, in a bid to prepare for his engineering entrance examinations. Hailing from a poor family, faith and immense self belief was all that this poor family had to cling on to. His father, being an auto rickshaw driver, while he himself toiled at the sugar mill to make ends meet, didn’t really make him loose hope. On the contrary, the adversities only further gave him the much needed boost to soar high and fly.

Such was their determination to face hardships head on, that his father was ready to not invest in a home, so that he could support his son’s education, while the son is even more firm on buying a home for his family, once he becomes an engineer. Given the fact that Pradeep, lives in a small house, he never let that work as a deterrent. He used to wake up early to study when others were sleeping. In the afternoon, when his mother or neighbours indulged in a bit of television, Pradeep, would seek refuge to his terrace to study.

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