Delivering Amazing College Essays: How to Make Your Essays Stand?

It is human nature to take pride in one’s creation.

Every student wants their essay to be one of the best college essays admission essays ever. Alongside a successful selection, the appreciation from experts encourages them and wills them on to improve their performance.

So what does it take to deliver that perfect essay that wins widespread acclaim from all corners? This write up will tell you just that, by drawing reference from some successful college admission essays.

Put some ‘you’ in your essay

Essays are windows to a person’s mind. They inform us about the person’s knowledge, mindset, opinions and experiences.

With the proliferation of online blogs & articles, those generic essay writing styles don’t just work anymore. Your essays must deliver information in a way that hooks and impresses your readers and that is where a personalized touch comes in handy.

Take a look at the following quote from one of the best college admission essays from the John Hopkins University.

“At heart, I am still reserved (some things never change), but in finding my voice, I found a strength I could only dream of when I stood in silence so many years ago.”

A student’s struggle with speech disorders and his will to overcome it is beautifully described in this essay. The above line shows how he succeeded in overcoming his flaws and became stronger as a result.

Evaluators were more than impressed and took note of his personal struggles. It’s the personal and intimate nature of the account that made things click.

Deliver strong opinions

Essays must be able to convince readers about a particular opinion or stance. Your ideas must build a context through which you deliver logical arguments with emphasis.

Consider this line from an ACT writing essay on Intelligent Machines, “At first, businesses would benefit from the efficiency of robots, but eventually a depressed job market would lead to a population that struggles just to feed themselves and their families, let alone purchase the products these robots make.”

ACT evaluators check whether a writer is able to comprehend all angles of a topic and if their perspective addresses all of its nuances.

The writer’s insightful and well-through-out statement enriches the content. Their strong style and valid opinion is the reason the above essay is a top-rated sample on their official website.

Some vital tips:

Be flawless in your language.

All will be for naught if your essays are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Proofread often to weed out errors.

Carefully choose your words

Be perfect in your diction as it determines the tone and quality of your essay. Blend in common words with unique ones to showcase your abilities.

Maintain a proper layout

Present your ideas logically throughout the essay writing structure. Follow a proper structure to make things readable.

There you have it! Go through all the information above, understand their implications and follow them well to deliver college essays of sheer quality!

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