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Design a Logo for Foundation for Innovators in Science and Technology

Foundation for Innovators in Science and Technology (FIST) at IIT Patna is developed under the NIDHI-TBI initiative of the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. It is registered as a section 8 company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The FIST is an Incubator where ideas are incubated & converted into products and products can be developed into a business. It facilitates to convert the idea of Product in different areas:
1. Agriculture
2. Energy
3. Manufacturing
4. Water Harvesting
5. Other Innovative Engineering Products/Services

The objective of this Incubator is to overcome the current disconnection between academia and the industry in the country to enable industries to interact, identify, nurture and translate ideas and innovation to create economically viable and commercially competitive technologies for the market.

FIST, IIT Patna is in the process of selecting a logo for its use and has decided to conduct a logo design contest for FIST, IIT Patna that represents the incubator in all respects.

Prizes: The winner will take home Rs 10,000/- as a cash prize and a certificate issued by FIST, IIT Patna.

The last date of submission is 10th April 2021.

Terms & Conditions
1. The Logo designs should comply with the guidelines given along with the competition details.
2. Attach a brief description of the logo as described in the guidelines.
3. Last date of submission of entries is 10th April 2021. Entries received after this date will not be considered.
4. The entries should be sent in JPEG or PDF format.
5. The selected Logo needs to be submitted in the formats specified in the guidelines.
6. The announcement of the winner will be subject to submission of the above mentioned formats upon notification from FIST, IIT Patna.
7. The selection of the winner will be done by a panel appointed by FIST, IIT Patna. The panel’s decision regarding the winner will be final.
8. All rights of the selected Logo will remain with FIST, IIT Patna. FIST reserves the rights to make changes to the Logo if it finds appropriate.
9. The result of the contest will be published on and IIT Patna website.
10. All entries must be submitted through MyGov Portal.
11. Participant is to make sure that his/her MyGov profile is accurate and updated since it would be used for further communication. This includes details such as name, photo and phone number.
12. Entries with incomplete profiles would not be considered.

1. The logo should be original, should not be copied or used elsewhere
2. The logo should represent the FIST in every way possible
3. The logo should be scalable, memorable, easy-to-reproduce and distinctive.
4. The logo should be useable in large banners, small business cards and any other merchandise IC may use in the future.
5. The entries should be accompanied with a brief explanation to provide context to the suggested logo. (i.e. Explanation of the colors, symbols, font, etc.)
6. You can participate individually or as a group
7. No limit to the number of entries per participant
8. The winning logo should be submitted to FIST TBI IIT PATNA in the following formats: eps, tiff, jpg, png, gif and pdf only.
9. The keywords are “Agriculture”, “Energy”, “Manufacturing”, “Water Harvesting” and “Other Innovative Engineering Products/Services”. The Logo should reflect the concept of conversion of idea to product in upper mentioned sector.

For more details or participation click here.

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