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DFI invites application for Logo and Tagline Contest

Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar (29-July-2021)

About DFI: For many years, banks had been the primary source of funding infrastructure. Government has now taken a decision to create a Development Financial Institution (DFI) exclusively for funding infrastructure. This has been approved by Parliament through the National Bank for Financing Infrastructure & Development Act, 2021. This Infra DFI will be a Development Bank with credibility and a mandate through explicit Government support. This DFI will crowd in, not elbow out, other lenders. It will not do everything itself. Therefore, it will not only be a provider of credit and credit plus services but equally, be an enabler and a catalyst for a new ecosystem for infra based on collaboration and on partnership. Its operations will prioritize risk mitigation, product innovation, accessing green and ethical funds and helping to develop a vibrant bond market.

For more details and apply for the contest, click here 

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