कोरोना में पेरेंट्स को खोने वाले स्टूडेंट्स के लिए है डिजिटल भारती स्कॉलरशिप

Digital Bharti Scholarship for students who lost their parents in Corona

Image Source: Yougle Bhaskar (Dainik Bhaskar-16-July-2021)

About Digital Bharti Scholarship: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has left many children orphaned and vulnerable across India. Countless children have lost both their parents, while many are merely surviving with a single parent, who is not able to support the children financially. The Digital Bharati initiative provides support to these affected students with scholarships so that they can continue their education without any hindrance. Digital Bharati brings together collaborations with some of India’s leading ed-tech platforms. On a need basis, the students would be given coupons that they can utilize to purchase educational subscriptions with our range of partnering leading ed-tech organizations. Students would also be given access to laptops and tablets to further support their learning.

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