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Digital KYC App KYZO that keeps data secure on your device launched on Google Play


KYZO is your friendly digital KYC App. It allows you to scan and upload your ID documents safely and share them with businesses when needed – instantly without any network connectivity.
1) With KYZO, your KYC data stays in your device, and is never stored or backed up to cloud, putting to rest mass hacking, leak and privacy issues.
2) You can upload all official government issued IDs (currently only available for India), and other relevant documents such as bank statements, payslips, rental agreements etc. to verify your identity (KYC) on demand.
3) Your data is encrypted using bank-grade encryption at all times. Even we, the creators, cannot see your data as the encryption key stays in your device.
4) We will be using this ourselves, just as you will, so we totally understand the gravity of keeping your data safe and private. Always.

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