Divya Rawat : Young Enterpreneur also Known as ‘Mushroom Lady’

Tejasvini: Interaction with Enterpreneur Divya Rawat ‘Mushroom Lady’

Today we will tell you the motivational and inspirational story of Divya Rawat popularly known as “The Mushroom Lady”, We all would have heard many prominent stories about people who had come up well in their lives in-spite of having very substandard background.

This girl divya rawat was born in a village named Chamoli in Uttarakhand and faced many difficulties in her life as a kid. Life was not a bed of roses for her when she lost her father and was a kid at the school at the age of seven. Hailing from a small village in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, Divya Rawat had to face a lot of difficulties from her childhood.

She came from Uttarakhand to Delhi to pursue her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in social work. After that, she found a job in a leading NGO, where she worked on human rights issues. It hurt her to see people from her state living miserable lives in the city while the villages back home turned into Desolated Villages

She wanted to do something about this situation and the big push came when Uttarakhand was hit by the tragic floods of 2013. Divya immediately quit her job and went back to Dehradun. Her plan was to try and revive decent livelihoods for the people of Uttarakhand. She wanted people to find employment and lead dignified lives within the state. And she also wanted those who had left for the cities to come back home.

It was in Dehradun that she came to know about this mushroom business and learnt the intricacies of it and launched her own mushroom farming. It is interesting to note that mushroom is a cash crop and could be cultivated indoors also. Thereby effects of natural calamities could be avoided. Another advantage of this mushroom cultivation is it needs less space when compared to others.

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