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dj alan walker

Alan Olav Walker (born 24 August 1997), simply known by his stage name Alan Walker, is a Norwegian DJ and record producer. He is best known for his 2015 single “Faded”, which received platinum certifications in over 10 countries. He was ranked 36th on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list of 2018, placing 19 positions lower than the previous year.

At the age of two, he moved to Bergen, Norway with his parents and sister. Walker grew up with two siblings, an older sister, Camilla, born in England, and a younger brother, Andreas, born in Norway.

Growing up in the digital era, Walker found an early interest in computers, which later turned into a fascination for programming and graphic design. He initially had no musical background; however, he later taught himself by watching tutorials on YouTube based on music production.

He started all his music on his laptop with FL Studio. In July 2012, with the help and feedback from his fans online, he began pursuing his music production career and slowly began posting his music to YouTube and SoundCloud. Started as a bedroom producer, he was better known as DJ Walkzz before signing a record contract and releasing his debut single in 2014.

Walker released the track “Fade” on 17 August 2014.The track gained attention after its re-release via the record label NoCopyrightSounds on 19 November.Walker stated that the creation of the track was inspired by K-391 and Ahrix, whose tracks were also picked up by the record label. The track has over 300 million views on YouTube,[11] 79 million plays on Spotify,and 20 million streams on SoundCloud. It has become the most popular track on the channel, and is widely used by YouTubers in their videos. The tracks “Spectre” and “Force” followed in 2015.

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