Dr. Pravin Chordia:Teaches To Live Drug-Free Life

Dr. Pravin Chordia:Teaches To Live Drug-Free Life


Dr. Pravin Chordia (MBBS, M.S.) is the inspiration and co-founder of Serene Eco Village and the main proponent of the Medicine-free Life program that has benefited over 5000 people in the last 3 years and cured them of acidity, ulcers, thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, migraine and even cancer without medicines.

He is a much acclaimed surgeon having had his hospital in Pune for 30 years from 1987 to 2007. He is also an environmentalist, a scientist and a technocrat in organic lifestyle having extensively researched and pioneered natural farming and alkaline water conversion techniques, methods and products. He is a patent holder in solar water heaters.

He was elected as the chairman of the 40th Indian Social Science Congress conference where he presented his paper on “Peoples health and quality of life in India’’. Associated with Pune Municipal Corporation for waste management.

  • Hon. Guest lecturer for Organic Farming at YASHADA
  • Designed convenient sub-surface irrigation techniques
  • Planted over 20 lakh trees
  • Developed Water Smart Pots for easy gardening


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