मानवरहित जासूसी विमान ‘द प्रीडेटर’ इन्होनें बनाया

Dr. Vivek Lall, a world renowned aerospace and defence leader now at Lockheed Martin


Dr. Vivek Lall, a world renowned aerospace and defence leader now at Lockheed Martin, has held various key positions with his last stint as Chief Executive of Strategic Development at General Atomics and prior to that CEO and President of Reliance New Ventures Reliance Industries Limited. Dr. Lall was heading the Boeing (Defence and Space) operations in India from 2007 till April 2011. Dr. Lall previously worked for the US-based global defense and nuclear giant General Atomics as the global Chief Executive for international Commercial Strategic Development for General Atomics.He has been also recognized as one of the world’s top scientists of the twentieth century by Cambridge. General Atomics is best known for manufacturing one of the most important tools in modern warfare: the Predator, an unmanned spy plane used by the US in many global engagements. As Chief Executive he had US and international responsibilities of strategic development of systems like EMALS. Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) is a complete launch system designed to replace the existing steam catapult currently being used on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. EMALS is being considered by the Indian Navy for its forthcoming aircraft carrier.

He was also affiliated with the United Nations in New York to advise on Broadband and Cyber Security issues for challenges within the global community and provide services that will help address them. 


  • Vivek was appointed as Chairman of the Indo-US Strategic Dialogue by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. In August 2011.
  • Vivek was appointed as Distinguished Fellow at India’s think tank Observer Research Foundation.
  • He also served as Chairman of the Defense Committee of The Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

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