Eugene Kaspersky: CEO of Kaspersky Lab

Eugene Kaspersky: CEO of Kaspersky Lab

Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky (Russian: Евгений Валентинович Касперский; born 4 October 1965) is a Russian cybersecurity expert and the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, an IT security company with 4,000 employees. He cofounded Kaspersky Lab in 1997 and helped identify instances of government-sponsored cyberwarfare as the head of research. He has been an advocate for an international treaty prohibiting cyberwarfare.

Kaspersky graduated from The Technical Faculty of the KGB Higher School in 1987 with a degree in mathematical engineering and computer technology. His interest in IT security began when his work computer was infected with the Cascade virus in 1989 and he developed a program to remove it. Kaspersky helped grow Kaspersky Lab through security research and salesmanship. He became the CEO in 2007 and remains so as of 2018.

Kaspersky was ranked #1,567 on Forbes’ “Billionaires List 2017” with a net worth of US$1.3 billion (as of March 2017).He first made the list in 2015 when his net worth reached US$1 billion.

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