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Everything you need to know about UNESCO-ICM MA Edu. Prize 2021

Image Source: Me Next Magazine-Rajasthan Patrika (16-July-2021)

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO(ICM) was established in 2017 by an Agreement between UNESCO and the Republic of Korea regarding the ICM (Category 2) having its mission in contributing to well-being and cohesive humanity through martial arts. Since its establishment, ICM has made special efforts on nurturing leadership skills and encouraging the social engagement of youth and women by providing martial arts capacity building programmes and conducting martial arts research.

In this context, this year, ICM has launched UNESCO-ICM 2021 Martial Arts Education Prize to collect and promote good practices of martial arts education(MA Edu.). Honouring outstanding contributions made by individuals or organizations who have delivered positive changes through MA Education. the prize aims to raise awareness on the values and importance of MA Edu. to the public around the world.

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