आईआईएम से एक्जीक्यूटिव पीजी प्रोग्राम करने का मौका

Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management from IIM Rohtak

Programme Overview

The Programme at IIM Rohtak is uniquely structured to provide high quality management education to practicing executives with minimal disruptions at their work place. This programme is for experienced executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, who desire to enhance their managerial knowledge and skills through formal management education. The programme is structured to ensure high standards and rigour expected from the brand IIM for its Post Graduate Programmes.

The ePGP for working executives at IIM Rohtak is designed to have both on and off campus modules. While the off-campus distance module will form the mainstay of the programme, the on-campus module of 4 weeks in 2-year programme or 2 weeks in 1-year programme, 1 week each in each of the Terms of the year, is designed to give the participants the experience of the residential programmes of the Institute and a sense of belongingness to IIM Rohtak as both students and alumni later.

The programme is designed to cater to the requirements of a cross-section of industry, enabling participants to share their rich and diverse experiences among themselves in addition to having the classroom learning. The interactive and collaborative learning environment, that this programme and the Institute offer, provides a stimulating platform to the executives having different functional domain backgrounds and ensures the maximum return on their time and resources invested.

A. A Bachelor’s Degree** or its equivalent in any discipline with Aggregate 50% mark or equivalent CGPA. Those with CA/ICWAI/CS are also eligible to apply.
B. Applicant should possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in managerially relevant executive positions (experience in positions such as attendant, clerk, accountant etc. (self-employed positions or in tiny/small family-owned enterprises will not be considered).

Candidates will be selected through a multi-stage process. Those who meet the eligibility requirements may be required, if the Institute decides so, to appear for a written test and those scoring above the specified cut-offs may be shortlisted for an interview over video or teleconferencing or physical mode. Those who meet the minimum specified performance standard in the interview will be offered admission based on their overall ranking. Ranking may be based on multiple factors including the academic performance and relevant work experience, in addition to the test and interview scores.

Offer of Admission
Selected candidates will be given admission offer by the programme office subject to specific terms and conditions as mentioned in the offer letter as well as those notified in advance.

Those who accepted the offer will be given intimation about the joining date and the commencement of the Programme. Candidates will be required to remit the Term I fees as per payment schedule. After remitting the Term I fees if a candidate fails to register for the on-campus module, the Term I fees will be forfeited. However, if the candidate duly (in writing) requests the Institute well before the commencement of the on-campus module and if the Institute permits the same in writing, specified percentage of fees paid may be refunded.

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