Find the names of Famous International Cycle Brand from the Grid

Famous International Cycle Brand

Giant Bicycle: Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.- It is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. Giant is a preferred brand for many professionals and world champions in mountain bike competitions.

Trek Bicycle: Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major bicycle and cycling product manufacturer. Cyclists can take on the toughest rides with a Trek bicycle. Featuring strong frames and tailored construction, Trek bikes offer models specifically designed for road, mountain, and city biking.

Specialized Bike: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles. It was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard.

Scott Bicycle: The Swiss company SCOTT Sports SA is a producer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear.

Cannondale Bicycle:
The name of the company was taken from the Cannondale Metro North train station in Wilton, Connecticut.

Bianchi Bike:
F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A, commonly known as Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle-making company.

Merida Bicycle:
It is a Taiwan-based bicycle design, manufacture, and sales company. The frames of a complete range of sophisticated and internationally recognized bikes should be graced deservedly by the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da”.

Fuji Bike:
Fuji Bikes is a brand of bicycles and cycling equipment. The company took its name and logo from Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance.

Cervelo Bike:
It is a Canadian manufacturer of racing and track bicycles. Cervélo is the world’s largest manufacturer of time trial and triathlon bikes.

Pinarello Bike:
it supplies mostly handmade bicycles for the road, track and cyclo-cross. The company also produces bicycles under the Opera brand name, and has an in-house component brand – MOST.

Colnago Bike:
The company first became known for high quality steel framed bicycles suitable for the demanding environment of professional racing, and later as one of the more creative cycling manufacturers responsible for innovations in design and experimentation with new and diverse materials including carbon fiber, now a mainstay of modern bicycle construction.

Kona Bike:
Founded in 1988, Kona has a long-standing tradition in the support of bicycle racing, beginning with their first product designer Joe Murray who was also a two-time US National mountain bike champion.

Schwinn Bike:
Schwinn is one of the biggest brands in the world and a consistent high performer across a range of styles. These bikes appeal to casual weekend riders and daily city commuters.