Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) from IIM Ranchi

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) from IIM Ranchi

Course: Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

Institute/University: Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi

About Institute

The ninth Indian Institute of Management was established at Ranchi in 2010. This was made possible with the extensive support of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Government of Jharkhand, working under the guidance of Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

We aspire to develop IIM Ranchi as one of the top 10 management institutes in the Asian Region within next 10 years through teaching excellence and thought leadership. At IIM Ranchi we plan to attain thought leadership through fusion of eastern wisdom and western processes and focusing on research which is both rigorous and contextually relevant. We also develop teaching excellence through participant centered learning including technologically enabled and experiential pedagogies.

IIM Ranchi currently offers a two year PGDM in General management, which is our flagship programme. Going by the growing importance and indispensability associated with human resources, we are the only IIM offering a full-time two year programme in Human Resources Management (PGDHRM). We also offer Fellow Program in Management (FPM), a fellowship programme funded by the government and an 24-month part time Diploma in Management (PGEXP). We have also launched a certified Barefoot Manger program to promote entrepreneurship and to impart livelihood skills among the school drop outs and illiterates. Our programs are carried out in a world-class fashion with students being exposed to case-studies, relevant projects and relevant industry experience apart from class pedagogy.

We aim at creating efficient managers and business leaders. We strive to ensure that our students develop the right skills required to sustain and grow in any organization. An equal weight is also given on developing the right values and attitude in students to help them sail through times of trial and turbulence. We pay keen attention towards cultivating a winning spirit, which is why they are encouraged to participate in standard competitions on all platforms. At the same time, we also take efforts in preparing the students for the future by teaching courses on emerging trends and areas like neural networks, analytics and energy management.

Thus IIM Ranchi prides itself in its carefully designed curriculum, a values-oriented approach and a holistically nurturing environment. Our programs are aimed at grooming students to enable them to face challenges of the real world; to make them efficient leaders who are grounded and humble; to instil in them the quest for excellence and not just for the achievement. Having said that, with a pool of immensely talented students, guided by the most competent and capable faculty, we are truly an institute with a difference.


The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is the doctoral programme of IIM Ranchi. This programme has the objective of developing outstanding scholars for teaching or research careers at business schools/universities or management research institutions or careers in Government, industry, NGOs or for that matter any organization that requires advanced analytical and research capabilities.

FPM in IIM Ranchi is an academic programme, which may require a minimum of four years to complete. Students have to undertake first two years of rigorous course work, followed by atleast two additional years for completing the research work with dissertation. The first year of the course work is common with IIM Ranchi’s Post Graduate Programme and is aimed at providing a participant with a broad understanding of the field of management. The Second Year of the coursework is to ensure that candidates develop deep understanding in their knowledge domain and ability to do rigorous research in their chosen area of specialization. The Area Comprehensive Examination at the end of the second year is designed to assess whether the candidate has acquired requisite level of proficiency in his/her area of specialization. In the subsequent years, the candidate works on the doctoral dissertation which is expected to be an original contribution in the area of management.

Students admitted to the programme receive comprehensive financial support that covers all academic and living costs. The Institute has excellent library, computing and faculty resources.

Students can apply to the following areas of specialization:

1. Accounting & Finance
2. Economics
3. General Management (includes Business Communication, Business Ethics)
4. Information Systems
5. Marketing Management
6. Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
7. Operations Management
8. Strategic Management

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