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For this Pune champion, there is always light at the end of the tunnel

Pune’s new viral sensation Javed Choudhary talks to Hindustan Times about his accident, his undefeated spirit, his passion for dance and sports, and his dream to become an IAS officer. Nature sometimes works hard and creates a man who can withstand the most brutal storm. But for Javed Choudhary life took a U-turn when he had to get his leg amputated after a terrible road accident when his bike rammed into another bike while navigating through a narrow road in his village Lonar in Maharashtra. Javed and his friend lay injured on the road, but there was no help. So Javed picked up his phone and dialed an ambulance. Last month he participated in the Pune half marathon and walked 10 km with a crutch. Later he broke into a dance without the crutch and the video went viral on social media. After his accident, Javed was told about the selection of teams for the Wheelchair basketball federation of India (WBFI). Javed went to Hyderabad in May 2016 for the selection and was offered to be on four teams, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana. He chose Delhi. Javed said “I wanted to give my UPSC exam and felt that if I played for Delhi I could use my spare time to attend UPSC classes but that could not happen as practice took up all my time and I did not have the money (₹1,20,000) for the classes”

But Javed’s undying spirit and strength shone when he played the 5th National wheelchair basketball championship held in September this year and won the man of the series award. Javed has now moved to Pune and has been residing here for the past six months. He used to teach dance to anyone who wanted to learn but has stopped that now so that he could follow his dream to become an IAS officer, Javed who hopes to uplift his family with his education says “I want to study. I want to be able to give my UPSC exam. I know money is a problem but I am hoping that I win the insurance case that is currently being fought in the district court Pune. With that money, I hope to join a UPSC training class in Delhi and become an IAS officer soon. My family has a lot of expectations for me. They have been like a rock during my accident and recovery. I cannot let them down.”Recounting the incident that happened three years ago Javed said “The ambulance came after eight hours, I was taken to the small hospitals but they could not treat me. But it was too late by the time I was taken to the Sassoon hospital in Pune, It was 32 hours since my accident and the time to save my limb was gone. But the doctors were amazed when they saw me conscious and ticking without any pain killers”

While it took Javed some time to come to terms with the curveball life threw at him, he was determined to start his life all over again without any negativity. While most people would be shattered losing a limb from the hip below, but Javed was determined, he said “My father delivers milk in our village and my family has already spent a lot of money on my treatment so I thought it is more important to think of my family rather than think of myself.”Slowly things started to assemble for Javed, and after six months he started to walk again Javed miraculously returned to his passion in life, which is dance, he says “I wanted to do something. So I went to our local school and offered them my services. I used to teach children how to dance before my accident. I love dancing, so the local school had their annual day celebrations for which I did the choreography. It was immensely enjoyable.” Even today Javed breaks into a dance whenever he is happy. Javed is proud to be the only child in the family who is educated as he has done his BA in agriculture. Talking about his plans prior to the terrible accident he says “My plans were to go to Delhi and study for my UPSC exam. I am the only one in my family who is educated and I want to become an Indian administrative service (IAS), officer.”

(Text Source: Hindustan times)

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