बच्चों को ‘नीली जर्सी’ पहनाने का प्रयास

 Former West Zone Cricketer Jigna Gajjar coaches underprivileged kids

In a highly competitive world where no one has time for others, a former West Zone Cricketer, Jigna Gajjar has been training underprivileged children free of cost, for the last three years. She has rented out a ground near Koba-Gandhinagar highway. Crowd funding platform Milaap is supporting her with help from people to raise Rs 50,000. She intends to use the money to procure cricket kits for her students. Jigna who was a medium pacer bowler between 2003-2008, dropped out of the game after her marriage. However, Cricket was always at the back of her mind and with her husband’s support, she took a coaching course from Central Board of Cricket Ahmedabad and National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. She has been coaching 22 students of which six are girls, for three days a week at a ground near Gandhinagar- Koba Highway, which she has rented out. Bhavesh Gaekwad has been learning cricket from her for the last three years.

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