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From AOL Executive to Beverage Industry Disruptor: Kara Goldin

Kara Ellen Goldin is an American businesswoman, the founder, and CEO of Hint Water, a flavored water brand founded in 2005. She was born Kara Ellen Keenan, a daughter of William and Kay Keenan of Tempe, Arizona. Her father worked for Con-Agra, and then for Armour & Company in Phoenix, where he retired as the general manager for distribution, and her mother worked at a local department store. She is the youngest of five children. Goldin grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, after moving there from Minneapolis when she was three years of age. Goldin majored in communications and minored in finance at Arizona State University, graduating in 1989. After graduating in 1989 from ASU, she moved to New York City, after accepting her first job out of college at Time Inc. Goldin worked in circulation at Time Inc. for three years. She started out as an executive assistant and worked her way up to managing the airline circulation for the Time Inc. publications. She then moved on to work in advertising sales at CNN.

Following her move to San Francisco, Goldin began working for a start-up called 2Market, a spin-out of Apple pursuing a computer-based shopping idea that Steve Jobs developed. She was given the position of National Sales Manager for two years until the company was bought out by AOL. Goldin then began working in e-commerce for AOL as the Vice President of Shopping and E-commerce Partnerships while her husband worked for Netscape. In this position she grew AOL’s e-commerce and shopping business to about a billion dollars in revenue. When AOL acquired Netscape in 2001, Kara decided to take a step back from this field of work and focus on raising her family. After having three kids, Goldin realized that she wanted to spend her time creating and living a healthy lifestyle. She had trouble losing the additional baby weight and came upon the realization that everything she was drinking was sugary, unhealthy, and artificially sweetened.

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