General Knowledge Quiz – 10 (An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.)

Q.1 According to a Hindi proverb, a person falling from where gets stuck in a kajur tree?

Q.2. Which Indian music composer has been shortlisted for the 2017 World Soundtrack Awards – a public choice award?

Q.3 In which of these games does a player have to target animated pigs?

Q.4 Which country to host 2017 World Petroleum Congress (WPC) International Conference?

Q.5 Which of these can be brought in sarafa bazaar?

Q.6 Which union minister has launched GST Rates Finder app to verify accurate tax rate under GST regime?

Q.7 in the production of mulberry silk the leaves of which tree is the staple diet of the silkworms?

Q.8 Objects at the surface of water can be viewed from a submarine under water by using this instrument.

Q.9 Which of the following musical instruments is played by Amjad Ali Khan?

Q.10 According to Devi Bhagwat, which of these apsaras emerged from the thigh of the hermit Narayana?

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For Your Kind Information….

India’s first solar powered DEMU train launched July 14, 2017

Indian Railways has launched India’s first solar powered diesel multiple unit (DEMU) broad gauge train. It is 1600 Horse Power (HP) train with all solar powered coaches. The train will run from Sarai Rohilla in Delhi to Farukh Nagar in Haryana. It will replace an existing non-solar powered rake on the same route.

Key Facts
The solar powered DEMU train has six trailer coaches, with 16 solar panels of 300 watts fitted in each of them. These solar panels have been manufactured under ‘Make in India’ initiative. The energy generated by these solar panels will be stored in batteries and will be used during the night.

The solar energy system fitted in the DEMU train would result in the saving of 5.25 lakh litres of diesel per train over a life time of 25 years. It will also help in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) of almost 9 tonnes per coach, per annum and 1350 tons of CO2 per train over a life time of 25 years.

India to host 8th International Theatre Olympics in 2018

India for the first time will host 8th International Theatre Olympics, the greatest carnival of theatre in the world in 2018. The 51-day carnival of theatre will begin on February 17, 2018. The mega international event will be organised by the National School of Drama (NSD) in coordination with the Union Culture Ministry. The 2018 Theatre Olympics will showcase best of the theatre productions from around the world. Besides, it will provide India an opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of its culture to the world. It will host about 500 shows from across the world in 15 different cities across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai.

About The Theatre Olympics
The Theatre Olympics is an international festival that brings together finest productions of well-known theatre practitioners from around the world. It was established in 1993 in Delphi, Greece as an initiative of noted Greek theatre director Theodorus Terzopoulus. Greece was the first country to host the Theatre Olympics in 1995. Since then it was held in Japan (1999), Russia (2001), Turkey (2006), South Korea (2010) and China (2014) . The 7th edition of mega carnival of theatre was held in Poland in 2016.