General Knowledge Quiz – 12 (KSP : Knowledge Se Pehchan)

Q.1 Which of these is a swimming event for the Olympic games?

Q.2 Who is the newly appointed Chief Election Commissioner (CEC)?

Q.3 If you achieve the highest title in chess what would you be called?

Q.4 Which of these rituals is related to marriage and pregnancy?

Q.5 The Guindy National Park (GNP) is located in which state?

Q.6 Which of these words features in the name of an IPL team?

Q.7 Entomology is the science that studies-

Q.8 Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because-

Q.9 Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion?

Q.10 Film and TV institute of India is located at

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Top 10 digital initiatives taken by the Indian government

The ambitious ‘Digital India’ project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always been in news for all the good reasons. The project having a total overlay of Rs 1 lakh crore aims to transform the country into a knowledge economy. It aims to ensure easy access to technology infrastructure and government services to citizens. With the government completing its first year, Dataquest takes a dig into all the digital initiatives undertaken by the government this year.

Digital Locker:
This initiative eliminates the need for people to carry the hard copies of the certificates issued by states, municipal agencies, and other bodies. Birth certificates, school and college leaving certificates, residence and marriage proof, and even PAN cards will be digitized. For this, the government is expected to roll out a national depository that will hold these records. Each private locker will store all the important documents of users, which are digitally verified by the government. Now rather than sending physical copies, the link of that cloud folder having digital copies of verified certificates can be shared.



Digital Life Certificates:
The ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ scheme launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a sigh of relief to a million of retired government employees. With this, the pensioner will do away with the requirement of submitting a physical life certificate in November each year and can now digitally provide proof of their existence to authorities for continuity of pension every year. A software application developed by the Department of Electronics and IT enable the recording of the pensioner’s Aadhar number and biometric details from their mobile device or computer, by plugging in a biometric reading device. The key details of the pensioner, including date, time, and biometric information, will be uploaded to a central database on a real-time basis, ultimately enabling the pension disbursing agency to access a digital life certificate.



Digital Boost to MGNREGA:
Another commendable initiative is the digital boost to the flagship rural job scheme MNREGA. A total of 35,000 gram panchayats is covered to ensured better implementation through the mobile monitoring system. This initiative will help the implementation agencies with live data from the worksites, an online and real-time updating of data base, real-time visibility of the data for complete transparency, and location of assets with geotagging for easy verification.



Twitter Samvad:  
Amongst the most popular initiatives is the Twitter Samvad which will enable the citizens to be the first to know about new government initiatives and actions. It is a service that lets leaders and government agencies communicate with the people through tweets and SMS.




Madad (Help):
Launched by the External Affairs Minister, the portal ‘Madad’ will enable Indian citizens living abroad to file consular grievances online to address the complaints promptly. The initiative will speed up forwarding and handling of complaints, improve tracking and redressal and escalate unresolved cases. According to officials, maximum priority would be given to cases related to bringing back ‘mortal remains’ of any national.




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