General Knowledge Quiz – 15 (KSP : Knowledge Se Pehchan)

Q1. Which city is declared as the second capital of Himachal Pradesh ?

Q.2 The High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army is located at-

Q.3 Which of the following Mughal buildings is said to possess the unique feature of being exactly equal in length and breadth ?

Q.4 The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies is located in -

Q.5 Areawise, which one of the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency ?

Q.6 Which Indian state's tag line is "Heart of Incredible India" ?

Q.7 Who is appointed as the head of the Committee formed by Supreme Court to run BCCI ?

Q.8 Total number of satellites launched by ISRO on 15th February, 2017 is-

Q.9 Which film wins the Best Film award in 2017 Oscars ?

Q.10 Which two companies agreed to merge to form India's largest telecom company ?

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सफलता  कभी  अंतिम  नहीं  होती, विफलता  कभी  घातक  नहीं  होती.
जो  मायने  रखता  है  वो  है  साहस.

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32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow

( Source : “NYTimes” portal)

Your car is already able to call for help when an accident occurs, but within a few years, it’ll tip paramedics off to probable injuries too. E.M.T.’s would know the likelihood of internal bleeding or traumatic head injury, for example, before arriving on the scene, which would help them decide whether to move you to a Level 1 trauma center or a standard emergency room. Researchers at the University of Michigan International Center for Automotive Medicine have created the predictive models by cross-referencing the crash data provided by sensors on cars, like speed and location of impact, with 3-D scans of accident victims. Tamara Warren
The typical plane cabin is drier than the Arizona desert, and the air is so thin it feels as if you were visiting Machu Picchu. This brutal environment contributes to the parched, exhausted feeling you get after you fly. But there are already planes in the air — made mostly of carbon fiber — that solve this problem. Carbon fiber is markedly stronger by weight than the aluminium used for most existing planes, which means that the interior air pressure can be adjusted to more comfortable levels without the risk of damaging the fuselage. Airlines also keep humidity levels low now to prevent the plane’s metal skin from corroding, but carbon fiber doesn’t rust. That will allow a new system to maintain humidity at a more comfortable 15 percent (up from around 5 to 10 percent). Japan Airlines and Nippon Airlines bought the first crop of these new planes. They’re currently in service between Tokyo and Boston. Jad Mouawad
The industrial designer Jiang Qian has conceived of a subway strap that’s also a video game. It has a button on each side that you push with your thumb as you hang on; instead of a joystick, you control movement by twisting the handle from side to side. Jiang imagines that new types of games could be created, where keeping your balance while the train is in motion is part of the challenge. And unlike Angry Birds on your phone, Strap Game (that’s the official name) will alert you when your stop is approaching. Jenna Wortham
If you slump down when you’re typing on an ErgoSensor monitor by Philips, it’ll suggest that you sit up straighter. To help office workers avoid achy backs and tired eyes, the device’s built-in camera follows the position of your pupils to determine how you are sitting. Are you too close? Is your neck tilted too much? Algorithms crunch the raw data from the sensor and tell you how to adjust your body to achieve ergonomic correctness. The monitor can also inform you that it’s time to stand up and take a break, and it will automatically power down when it senses that you’ve left. Jason Fagone
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