General Knowledge Quiz – 63

Q.1 Sardar Sarovar Dam is situated on which of the following river?

Q.2 Which is the second biggest concrete gravity dam in world in terms of volume after Grand Coulee Dam in US?

Q.3 Which of the following is India’s second indigenous nuclear submarine to boost its underwater fighting prowess (to be launched soon)?

Q.4 Who has won women’s singles title at 2017 Korea Open Super Series badminton tournament.

Q.5 Identify the Bollywood celebrity from just a childhood picture?

Q.6 Which Bollywood personality has been honoured with Global Diversity Award at Britain’s House of Commons?

Q.7 Which sportsperson has authored the book “Unstoppable: My Life So Far”?

Q.8 Can you guess this iconic Hollywood star?

Q.9 The 13th edition Yudh Abhyas 2017, a joint military training exercise between India and United States was held at

Q.10 SAUNI Yojana is multipurpose project that aims to solve water problems of parched Saurashtra region of Gujarat. What does SAUNI stands for?

Incredibly Tallest Statues in India

Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche

Statue: Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche
Depicts: Padmasambhava  
Height: 36 m (118 ft)
Location: Namchi, Sikkim
The 36 m tall statue of Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche is located in Namchi in South Sikkim. Giant statue of Guru Rinpoche of Namchi is considered as the tallest guru statue in India. The famous Siddhesvara Dham is located near by with four most revered Dhams of the Hindus Jagannath, Dwarika, Rameshawaram, Badrinath under one roof  along with the replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas and a 108 ft tall statue of Lord Shiva.

Hanuman Murti

Hanuman Murti-Shimla

Statue: Hanuman Murti
Depicts: Lord Hanuman 
Height: 33 m (108 ft)
Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
The 108 ft tall Hanuman Murti is situated at Jakhu Hill near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Giant Hanuman statue is a new landmark of the city and a major tourist attraction of Shimla along with Snow laden peaks, sightseeing, and picturesque valleys.

Mindroling Monastery Buddha Statue

Mindroling Monastery Buddha

Statue: Mindroling Monastery Buddha 
Depicts: Buddhas 
Height: 32.6 m (107 ft)
Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
The statue of Gautama Buddha is located in Mindrolling Monastery of Dehradun. Mindroling Monastery is one of the major Monastery in India and six major monasteries of the Nyingma school in Tibet.

Maruti Murti in Nandura

Hanuman Murti-Nandura

Statue: Hanuman Murti 
Depicts: Lord Hanuman
Height: 32 m (105 ft)
Location: Nanduras, Maharashtra
The Murti of Lord Hanuman is situated at the Nandura town in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. 105 feet tall statue of the Hindu Lord Hanuman is one of the biggest statue in India and visible from National highway 6.